Pneumonia Treatment for COPD Patients

As we survey the available pneumonia treatment for COPD patients, let us first understand what COPD entails. COPD means Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and it generally affects breathing. For this condition to occur, the air sacs or alveoli are deprived of their normal function through inflammation, loss in elasticity, mucosal clogging and/or destruction of the walls. Symptoms for this disease include difficulty in breathing, and coughing accompanied by mucus.

On the other hand, pneumonia is caused by a viral or bacterial infection and may range from mild to severe. Pneumonia treatment for COPD patients always poses a challenge because a combination of the two conditions often results into increased breathing problems.

Pneumonia on its own can be managed through simple at-home remedies with the possibility of steering clear of its effects in few weeks. For severe cases of pneumonia, there is still need to see the doctor in order to reverse the severe breathing problem. But for pneumonia treatment for COPD patients, the approach is slightly different.

COPD is a condition that becomes worse with time and may lead to life threatening situations for the victims if it is not diagnosed and treated early. If the mild symptoms of this disease are not dealt with, chances of permanent lung damage increase. Pneumonia treatment for COPD patients becomes even more difficult if complications of copd set in. in acute exacerbations of COPD the normally stable symptoms suddenly increase in intensity. Dyspnea increases, coughing increases and wheezing is noted for the first time if not present hitherto. In such a situation, the life of the patient is in extreme danger because they now have to deal with edema and Bronchospasm.

Another complication that makes pneumonia treatment for COPD patients difficult is pulmonary hypertension and right-sided heart failure also known as Cor Pulmonale. This condition is indicated by edema of the extremities as a result of much effort being applied to the right-hand side of the heart to pump more blood into the lungs. The heart has to work harder to compensate for the deficit arising from the destruction of alveoli. Due to the imbalance created in the operation of the heart, the right ventricle eventually loses its elasticity due to increase in size and thickening of its walls.

For effective pneumonia treatment for COPD patients, there is need to control the progression of the COPD condition. The suggested remedies for this irreversible disease involve adjustment of medical and behavioral lifestyles. As you may already know, smoking is usually one of the behaviors seen in many COPD cases. Cigarette smoking has been linked with many health problems including malignancies, osteoporosis and atherosclerosis. As such, it is very important for victims of COPD to quit this habit to increase the chances of recovering from pneumonia. To quit smoking, one can apply replacement systems such as nasal sprays and nicotine gum.

Medical treatments also play a crucial role in pneumonia treatment for COPD patients. Treatment for COPD in this case involves oxygen therapy, mucolytics, anti-inflammatory agents and bronchodilators. Oxygen therapy has been observed to be extremely successful in pneumonia treatment for COPD patients. There are several ways of delivering oxygen into the victim’s body, but the most popular one is nasal cannula.

Pneumonia treatment for COPD patients is manageable, only that it becomes more complicated than for COPD free cases. As you manage the COPD condition, normal pneumonia treatment needs to be incorporated to curb the lung infections. For pneumonia and COPD cases, patients respond well to steroid medicines. This is true according to a study result indicating that pneumonia mortality rate in COPD victims is greatly reduced by taking inhaled steroids.

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