Is it Possible to Have Pneumonia Without a Cough?

Pneumonia is condition of the lung that affects the microscopic air sacs that are found in the lungs. In most cases pneumonia is caused by infection from bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. The bacteria infects the lungs and with this pneumonia results. There are many symptoms of pneumonia coughing being the most common. The individual suffering from pneumonia usually has a chronic cough or starts coughing. It is very difficult for an individual to suffer from pneumonia without cough. Coughing is the very first symptom of pneumonia therefore having this condition without cough is really hard.

It is very difficult to have pneumonia without cough because people who are infected with this disease usually have a productive cough. The cough in these cases has sputum and is accompanied by shortness of breath. When the individual is infected by pneumonia they cough and in the process sharp pains and increased respiratory rate are experienced. The common symptoms for children suffering from pneumonia are severe fever, cough and difficulty in breathing.  When a parent notices such symptoms from their children they should taken them to see a doctor for treatment before the pneumonia spreads to other parts of the lungs. When the bacteria causing pneumonia remains in the lungs, without treatment the child’s lungs are likely to be damaged.

Pneumonia without cough is impossible because coughing is one of the common symptoms of pneumonia. There are people who have had chronic cough and they do not want to visit the doctor because they feel that the cough will subside after taking antibiotics. When and individual coughs for a long time they are advised to seek medical help because this is not normal and it may be as a result of other diseases. Pneumonia while treated early enough is cured and the only way to know that you have this disease is through the symptoms.

People who have had pneumonia know well the symptoms of pneumonia and they will agree that pneumonia without cough is very impossible. Coughing is a major sign in determining pneumonia bacteria. The bacteria affects the lungs and with this coughing results. It is very important for persons with a cough to visit a health provider because coughing is not normal and it means that the respiratory system is having some problems. The cough experienced by individuals with pneumonia is either dry or accompanied with sputum.

It is very difficult to find a case whereby a patient has pneumonia without cough when a patient visits the doctor for treatment the doctor will ask about the symptoms and coughing will be one of them. The doctor will in some cases take the sample of the sputum to use it in some extensive tests. The sputum will help the doctor determine the type of pneumonia and other factors involved. When an individual contacts the diseases they usually have a dry cough in the first few days and then later it generates to the productive cough.

Individuals who smoke are at risk of contacting pneumonia and this is the reason why most advertisements reach out to people sop that they can stop smoking. When a person smokes the content in the cigar damages the lungs and the more you smoke the higher the chances of infection. It is advisable for people to stop smoking especially to those who have already been diagnosed with pneumonia. Pneumonia can be fatal if not treated I good time because it damages the lungs and once the lungs are not functional the individual has problems in breathing. Since pneumonia without cough is difficult to occur all people with chronic coughs should seek medical attention.

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