The Relationship Between Lupus and Pneumonia

Lupus is a chronic disease that affects all parts of the body ie the joints, skin, and blood. The condition is such that the immune system of the body attacks the body cells and tissues.  When this occurs the body organs are often damaged and it results to pain to the individual suffering from the disease. Lupus and pneumonia can be mild to some people and in such cases it affects very few organs but to others the diseases may be severe and in this case the body organs are completely affected.

The immune system is responsible for fighting diseases with the help of antigens. The antigens fight the foreign substances in the body thus fighting diseases. When an individual has lupus the bodies can not fight diseases because the body is not in a position to differentiate between the antigens and the body cells and tissues. When the immune system has such a problem it creates other antibodies that are known as auto antibodies. When an individual is suffering from lupus the auto antibodies usually react with the body cells and tissues and end up forming immune complexes. In such a case lupus and pneumonia go hand in hand.

When the immune complexes in crease in the body and become too much it results to pain and inflammation in the body. The individual at this point is experiencing a lot of pain due to the high concentration of the immune complex. Since lupus destroys the immune system then it means that lupus and pneumonia go hand in hand. Pneumonia has many causes and the most common is that of bacteria infection , when an individual has low immune system due to lupus they are likely to contact pneumonia. A person with lupus the body does not nave the mechanism to fight diseases therefore such a person will be infected with pneumonia very easily.

Lupus destroys the immune system in the body and makes it possible for the individual to have lupus and pneumonia at the same time. These two diseases can affect a person easily because pneumonia thrives in bodies that have a low immune system and the body can not fight the bacteria causing pneumonia. It is important for individual suffering from lupus to seek medical help and have their immune system treated because without this it will b every hard to prevent pneumonia infection. Pneumonia can be deadly and should be prevented at all cost for the individual to live healthy.

Lupus is a disease that damages the immune system of an individual. Lupus and pneumonia go hand in hand because lupus destroys the antigens that fight foreign bodies and make it possible for the body to get infected by pneumonia. A person who is healthy and does not have lupus can hardly get infected by pneumonia because the body is healthy and the immune system has not been interfered with by lupus. Patients suffering from lupus should be careful and avoid getting into contact with individuals who are likely to infect them because their bodies are weak and can not fight diseases.

Since lupus and pneumonia thrive together the most important thing to do is have the patient suffering from lupus vaccinated such that she will not contact the disease. Their vaccination for pneumonia and it is important .for the patient to get one vaccination because by doing so the bacteria will not infect the body. Patients suffering fro lupus are likely to get infected by pneumonia and they should have a vaccination against pneumonia. This vaccination will help a lot since the patient will have to deal with one ailment other than the two that is lupus and pneumonia.

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