What Possibly is Triple Pneumonia?

To be able to explain what triple pneumonia is, we need to first ask; can you get pneumonia more than once. Yes it is very possible to be infected with this disease not only twice but even in a recurrent fashion. Such is the case in immunodeficiency which is a problem to children and to a smaller extent, adults. So what is triple pneumonia? You may not get the definition for this in the medical documents and journals but one way of defining it is a bout of bilateral pneumonia followed by single pneumonia attack or vice versa.

To answer what is triple pneumonia question, we will first look at double pneumonia. Pneumonia as a lung infection is caused by the infestation of the organ by viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic microorganisms. Most cases of pneumonia are caused by viruses, the most notable ones being influenza virus, parainfluenza virus and adenoviruses. When these organisms attack both lungs and cause pneumonia, the condition is referred to as double pneumonia or commonly in the medical world, bronchial pneumonia. Commonly referred to as acute lung injury (ALI), this form of pneumonia is not very serious and can be alleviated y simple medications or home remedies.

If after the patient has been healed of double pneumonia, is then attacked by one lung infection, this could fit as an answer for what is triple pneumonia. The medical term for one lung infection is lobar pneumonia. Considering triple pneumonia as a consequence of two forms of pneumonia, triple pneumonia remedies can be pegged on the prevention and control of these pneumonias.

It is somehow surprising to see that while double pneumonia has been under control for decades in the developed countries, it still accounts for many deaths in the low income countries. This disease can be fatal following damage to the lungs and failure of other organs if left undiagnosed and untreated. What is triple pneumonia and how can it be managed? The effects of this pneumonia can be averted by taking various medications, but one needs to see the doctor for diagnosis and prescription of treatment. Most of the double pneumonia symptoms are respiratory- related. Pleurisy, which is the presence of fluctuating chest pain when breathing, is a very common symptom. If this is accompanied by a persistent cough, then it would be advisable to seek treatment for double pneumonia. Another symptom to be vigilant about is persistent fever usually coupled with a high body temperature of more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. You should not rule out the presence of this condition if you have abnormally excessive body fatigue, sweating and chills.

What is triple pneumonia diagnosis and treatment in case of a lobar pneumonia attack? The treatment for a lobar pneumonia case whether it comes prior or after double pneumonia depends on the cause. After undergoing the diagnosis steps of medical history review, physical exam and a number of medical tests, the pulmonologist may perform or recommend further tests. Thoracentesis and bronchoscopy are two effective ways of accessing samples of the infected part for analysis.

Generally lobar pneumonia is manageable disease, treatable with a broad spectrum of antibiotics. Only in severe cases where breathing difficulties due to congestion are evident is hospitalization needed. At the hospital the patient can be subjected to intravenous antibiotics administration and mechanical ventilation to ease the respiratory congestion.

What is triple pneumonia in this case has been taken to refer to a combination of both double pneumonia and single (lobar) pneumonia in consequence. To manage triple pneumonia, it is important to deal with the factors that would favor the two conditions to consequently attack a person. This calls for strengthening of the immune system through lifestyle changes and medication.

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