What is Double Pneumonia?

Pneumonia takes different forms sometimes too difficult to comprehend yet so basic in some cases. This article seeks to answer the question: What is double pneumonia and how can it be treated? Pneumonia is a disease known to affect the any of the lungs through the infestation of fungi, virus, bacteria or any other parasite. As suggested by its name, double pneumonia is simply pneumonia that affects both lungs. It is a serous problem and if left untreated, it can lead to deaths of patients.

One of the most notable symptoms of this infection is a condition called pleurisy, whereby the patient experiences fluctuating chest pains, especially on breathing. This comes with the usual cough, which can last for several days. These are not the only indications of the double pneumonia disease. The patient will also experience fever and excessive sweating in some cases. The chills seen in some patients are sometimes so intense such that shaking is evident. You may also have fatigue and ceaseless headaches in some patients. All these symptoms vary with the age of the patients and so should the treatments administered to the patients.

Firstly, let us look at what is double pneumonia in the elderly. One of the accompaniments of old age is a diminished body defense system. Such a situation is characterized by attacks from various diseases, including pneumonia. Double pneumonia is prevalent in this group because of their significantly weakened immune system. Furthermore, cardiac and lung problems which are also common in these people tend to favor the attack from double pneumonia. For elderly people, the presence of double pneumonia is indicated by blood in sputum, body weakness, diminished appetite, difficult breathing, nausea and vomiting.

The symptoms of double pneumonia in children are not different, with fever and coughing being evident. Considering the weak immune systems for these vulnerable groups, it is important to start treatment immediately a diagnosis has been made. For mild cases, the doctor may complete the diagnosis through physical alone. However, some instances demand more detailed tests such as bronchoscopy and blood tests. Apart from age of the patient, the promptness of the treatment is a major factor in recovery from double pneumonia. In the search for answers to what double pneumonia is and its possible solutions, several remedies have been developed on how to relieve the symptoms.

The level of infection determines whether it is safe to treat the disease through home remedies. It is always important to see the doctor for diagnosis and treatment for pneumonia especially if there patient is elderly or there are underlying medical conditions. One thing that ensures safety from the disease is a strong immune system, so strive to develop it.

For those who know what double pneumonia is through experience, you may have tried some very helpful home remedies. Sesame seeds are very effective for the alleviation of all respiratory diseases and can be applied for double pneumonia. The phlegm in the bronchial area can be removed by taking a solution of sesame seeds, honey, salt and linseed. Eucalyptus oil also has impressive effects on the breathing system. By having antiseptic properties, the oil will erase the pain in the tract and relieve the cough in a short time.

What the patient eats takes a vital role in the double pneumonia recovery process. The diet should be composed of foods that boost treat the prevailing condition and ward off future attacks by boosting the immune system. Onions and garlic are loaded with antibiotic and antiviral properties that prevent the contraction of double pneumonia. This also applies to a fresh vegetable diet that provides the needed antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

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