What is Bibasilar Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a condition that affects the lobes of both lings. The lungs are divided into several lobes and these lobes are superior lobes, inferior lobes and middle lobe. Pneumonia affects the lobes of either both or one of the lungs. Basiliar pneumonia affects the lower part of the inferior lobe. Bibasilar pneumonia is also referred to as the basal pneumonia. This condition is usually the inflammation of the inferior lobes of the lungs. The main cause of basal pneumonia otherwise known as basilar pneumonia is bacterial infection. In most cases pneumonia is caused by infection in the lungs. Pneumonia can also be caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

Bibasilar pneumonia varies depending on the patient affected it can be mild or life threatening. The bacterium that causes pneumonia is streptococcus pneumoniae, Escherichia coli and the klebsiella pneumoniae. Apart from bacteria infection pneumonia can be caused by aspiration while sitting upright. The process of aspiration is inhaling stomach content from the throat into the lungs. Doctors say that in most cases basiliar pneumonia is contagious. People who are living with patients suffering from this form of pneumonia should take the necessary precaution because the disease is contagious. This does not mean that the patients should be stigmatized they should be handled with care.

Bibasilar pneumonia has many symptoms and they include chest tightness that is having difficulties while breathing, the part that is infected may experience pain, the heart rate becomes fast than normal, wheezing especially when you breathe, the individual may feel weak fatigued and is not in a position to carry out their normal activities. Patients suffering from basiliar pneumonia may also have these symptoms; he or she may start coughing or have been coughing for a long time and these coughing spells are accompanied by sputum. These are some of the symptoms of basiliar pneumonia and individual who are experiencing any of them should consult a doctor for medical help.

When an individual sites any of the pneumonia symptoms they should consult a doctor and inform them about the symptoms. The individual should inform the doctor the medicine he has been taking prior to visiting the hospital. This in formation will help the doctor know the medication to prescribe to the patient. It is very important for the individual suffering from bibasilar pneumonia to inform the doctor about the family history. There are families that have a history of diabetes or other diseases and it is very important for the doctor to know this. With this in formation the doctor will be in a position to prescribe the medicine for the patient, patients who come from a family that has a history of may be diabetes at times do not take some medicines.

Individuals who are at risk of developing pneumonia are those who take alcohol, smoking and those that have diabetes. When individuals take too much alcohol or are smoking too much they risk contacting bibasilar pneumonia and they should reduce on the intake of alcohol or sticks that they are smoking per day. The most surprising thing is that people are discouraged from taking these drugs and instead of reducing on the amount they body yearns for more and they end up increasing the amount they take.

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