Complications of Untreated Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a type of infection, which causes the lungs of the body to work harder than the normal conditions. This extra working creates problem in breathing and the overall health of the infected person. This infection is not limited to any age group of a person. But still, the younger children and the older people are usually at great risk from this type of infection. Pneumonia mostly occurs itself due to number of reasons, which could be the respiratory illness, surgery or even the long term of the immobility. This infection is commonly caused by the bacteria. The bacteria named as the “Streptococcus Pneumoniae”, is the most common one in causing the Pneumonia Disease.

There are basically many different types of symptoms that can show up with this infection. The most common symptoms are the Cough with Phlegm, Fever, pain in the chest, shortness of the breath, headache, sweating, fatigue and the decreased in Appetite. After discovering anyone of these symptoms, the patients should definitely consult their doctors. The reason is that if the Pneumonia is left untreated due to carelessness, than it can create further serious problems like blood poisoning or the respiratory distress. Similarly, the untreated pneumonia can also lead to the death of the patient. This can be done by other serious complications like the heart failure.

Basically, there is a natural phenomenon in our lungs. Due to which, our lungs automatically flush out the bacteria, without taking any kind of help. But if our lungs fail to complete this phenomenon then severe complications can arise in our body. There are different types of complications that can arise in our body. Some of them can be healed quickly and requires only the treatment with some sort of the antibiotics, which vary according to the particular age group of a person. But others require special medical attention to completely cure the entire disease within the body. This type of treatment is done in an Intensive Critical Care Unit and more advanced techniques and treatments are applied for the cure of this infection.

There are basically many different types of complications that can show up with the Pneumonia infections. These complications are created by different types of bacteria and they can result in infection of different important parts of the body. One type of these complications is the Endocarditis. As the name of this complication suggests, it is the infection that is created in the inner portion of the heart. The reason for the creation of such type of dangerous infection is the untreated pneumonia. This type of complication is basically caused, when the pneumonia disease is left untreated for comparatively longer time. This type of condition is developed throughout the inner membrane of the heart, which is named as the Endocardium. Endocardium is basically the area, which surrounds the valves and the chambers of the heart.

The germs and the bacteria enter the bloodstream from the lungs and then begin to attack the vulnerable area of the body, which is the endocardium. This might create some pain in the chest at the initial level, but this pain mostly remains undetected due to the coughing or the shortness of breath, caused by pneumonia. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have the complete checkup of the body at the initial level of the pneumonia disease. Otherwise, it can cause untreated Endocarditis, which can further lead to the valve damage or even the complete heart failure of a person. There are several antibiotics and the medical treatments available, which should be used regularly, according to the directions of the medical specialist.

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