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What Causes Post-Pneumonia Fatigue?

The effects of pneumonia are usually varied, ranging from mild symptoms to the very critical cases. A viral, bacterial, fungal or parasitic attack can happen at any age and have detrimental effects on anyone. After the attack, the patient is prone to many post pneumonia effects due to the medications, including post pneumonia fatigue and […]

Chronic Pneumonia Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

There have been varied classifications of the pneumonia condition over the course of history. Long before the combined clinical classification was adopted, clinicians used the pathological outlook of the lung to classify pneumonia cases. By examining the lungs, chronic pneumonia symptoms would be established. This is because this scheme ended with a broad categorization of […]

Pneumonia Symptoms in Toddlers

The two major pneumonia symptoms in toddlers include fever as well as cough, which is usually very severe. However, several other pneumonia symptoms in toddlers can also be witnessed. Examples of some of these symptoms are headache, weakness, and pain in muscles. Furthermore, vomiting, fatigue, diarrhea, appetite loss, trouble breathing and many other symptoms may […]

Sounds that Pneumonia Causes in People

The sounds of pneumonia are certainly not the tones that you want to hear or experience since that would signify that you have a problem in your lungs and airways and paths which is definitely not a desirable situation. These sounds of pneumonia refer to the harsh sounds that the passing air makes when it […]

Incidences of Chest Pain with Pneumonia

Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs and bronchioles which often makes it difficult for patients to breathe properly. The disease is caused by infections; which can be viral or bacterial infections. Some of the symptoms of Pneumonia include persistent coughing, flu and shortness of breath. It is also common for patients to get chest […]

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