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Pneumonia vs Bronchitis: Similarities and Differences

The treatment of bronchitis and pneumonia is different and hence we need to compare between the two, hence the term pneumonia VS bronchitis has come into existence. Pneumonia and bronchitis are very serious diseases that affect lower respiratory track. When both diseases are not treated, they can cause discomforts and may lead to serious implications. […]

Pneumonia and Lung Cancer: Is There a Relation?

The history of pneumonia varies depending with the person who contracts it. In cases where the disease refuses to respond to different types of treatment, something may be very wrong not to mention the possibility of being affected by the twin diseases of pneumonia and lung cancer. Even though pneumonia may have been treated successfully, […]

Pneumonia and AIDS: The Effects of a Weakened Immune System

The topic of pneumonia and aids is often seen when one talks about PCP which stands for Pneumocystis Jiroveci. This is an organism which seldom causes trouble if you have a healthy and strong immune system. However, for those people who are suffering from HIV, this organism can cause a serious problem. This is because […]

Pneumonia’s Relationship with Meningitis

Pneumonia and Meningitis are defined as serious medical conditions that cause inflammation. However, the difference between pneumonia and meningitis is that pneumonia causes inflammation of the lungs while meningitis causes inflammation of the membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord known as the meninges. Pneumonia’s lung inflammation is caused by the bacterial infections, viruses […]

The Relationship Between Lupus and Pneumonia

Lupus is a chronic disease that affects all parts of the body ie the joints, skin, and blood. The condition is such that the immune system of the body attacks the body cells and tissues.  When this occurs the body organs are often damaged and it results to pain to the individual suffering from the […]

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