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What Possibly is Triple Pneumonia?

To be able to explain what triple pneumonia is, we need to first ask; can you get pneumonia more than once. Yes it is very possible to be infected with this disease not only twice but even in a recurrent fashion. Such is the case in immunodeficiency which is a problem to children and to […]

What is Double Pneumonia?

Pneumonia takes different forms sometimes too difficult to comprehend yet so basic in some cases. This article seeks to answer the question: What is double pneumonia and how can it be treated? Pneumonia is a disease known to affect the any of the lungs through the infestation of fungi, virus, bacteria or any other parasite. […]

About Recurrent Pneumonia in Adults

When fever, sputum production and leucocytosis due to the infection of the respiratory tract come in episodes, the condition is referred to as recurrent pneumonia. Recurrent pneumonia in adults is evidenced by the disappearance of such symptoms in between the episodes, only to recur after about one month. Cases of recurrent infections in adults are […]

What is the Contagious Period of Pneumonia?

It is common for people to term pneumonia as a very contagious disease but in actual sense, only few strains of this disease fall in this category. For the contagious types, the exact pneumonia contagious period may not be known due to the various factors that are usually at play. The age of the patient, […]

Pneumonia’s Mortality Rate

Pneumonia has been associated with people for centuries. This disease has caused epidemics and claimed lives across the globe. Advanced medication, vaccines and hospitalization have only brought down the pneumonia mortality rate to ten to twenty five percent. Patients, who have been hospitalized for pneumonia, have a mortality rate of five to ten percent. This […]

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