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A List of Pneumonia Recovery Tips

Recovery from pneumonia usually takes several days to a week after the start of antibiotic treatment. After this time, symptoms such as fever and cough will have disappeared. However, fatigue and cough sometimes extend for several weeks or even a month depending on how effective the treatment is. Pneumonia patients treated at home tend to […]

How to Deal with Pneumonia in Seniors

People over the age of 65 encounter many health complications some of which are difficult to recover from. The reason for difficulty in recovery is the presence of underlying chronic illnesses and a weakened immune system. Pneumonia in seniors is one of the leading causes of death. This is much so for dementia patients because […]

Managing Pneumonia in Diabetics

Pneumonia is a serious health problem for anyone. However, pneumonia in diabetics and people suffering from other chronic diseases offers more risks. According to a number of studies, type 1 and 2 diabetes has been linked with increased mortality rate in pneumonia cases. One such study indicated that in type 1, the risk of hospitalization […]

How to Exercise with Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a serious and fairly prevalent disease that affects the normal functioning of the lungs. Of the 2 million people that contract this disease annually in the United States, 45,000 succumb to its effects. Those who are lucky to emerge from the attack have to undergo a rather painful recovery period, with the possibilities […]

Eosinophilic Pneumonia Treatment and Control

Eosinophilic Pneumonia (EP) is a very rare disease of the lungs that affects the normal function of the alveoli. Many cases of the condition go unreported because the mild occurrences disappear without any treatment. The known cause of EP is the eosinophil white blood cells which attack the air spaces in the lungs, effectively disrupting […]

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