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Parasitic Pneumonia Causes and Treatment

The diagnostic and treatment of parasitic pneumonias has seen a lot of developments in the recent years mainly due to the increased interaction of people from different areas of the globe. In the past, all parasitic diseases were only prevalent in the tropical and subtropical areas but with globalization, such diseases can be found in […]

Is Pneumonia Contagious or Not?

Pneumonia infections depend on a number of factors so the answer as to whether pneumonia is contagious varies from situation to situation. Although pneumonia is a common health problem, there are many forms of this disease, some very rare. As such, you will find instances where pneumonia patients require being isolated while in others, offering […]

How Pneumonia Spreads

Pneumonia comes in various forms, but all centre on the attack of the lungs with pus and fluid after the white blood cells gather to fight off foreign matter. This disease ranges in severity in patients and has been to be more prevalent in the elderly and children. That’s why when considering how pneumonia spreads, […]

Chronic Pneumonia Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

There have been varied classifications of the pneumonia condition over the course of history. Long before the combined clinical classification was adopted, clinicians used the pathological outlook of the lung to classify pneumonia cases. By examining the lungs, chronic pneumonia symptoms would be established. This is because this scheme ended with a broad categorization of […]

Does Pneumonia Cause Asthma?

Pneumonia and asthma are significantly different if they are viewed in terms of their causes and courses. While pneumonia is acute in nature and causes the lungs to be inflamed, asthma is a chronic lung condition that affects the passageways to the lungs. Other than both of these diseases attacking the lungs, they are seen […]

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