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About Summer Pneumonia in Cattle

The bacteria and viruses causing summer pneumonia in cattle are common in the environment, suggesting that the development of the disease in the herd is due to poor immune system that paves way for multiplication of the disease causing microorganisms. Some of the conditions associated with the summer period and understood to fan the disease […]

Pneumonia in Animals: Facts to Save Lives

If you are worried about the condition of the animals in your farm, it will be best for you to take them to a veterinarian or better yet have them checked for pneumonia especially when you see that they are so weak and having a hard time to sleep or having difficulty in breathing. Pneumonia […]

Pneumonia in Calves: How to Take Care of Them

If you are into dairy farming, it is so important for you to always take care of your calves and make sure that they are free from ailments that include Pneumonia in Calves. Who would ever think that even calves can have pneumonia? Who would ever think that they will be badly affected by the […]

Pneumonia in Cats: Facts About Feline Pneumonia

If you would like to properly take care of your cat or you are planning to buy a cat, you need to learn more about proper care that should be given to them to be able to you to make them happy and well while they are with you. Cats are not prone to pneumonia […]

How to Treat Pneumonia in Cattle

It may be hard to take care of cattle especially when it comes to their health not just because you cannot tell if they are fine or not or if they need something from you but also because you are not well verse about their health conditions as well. Pneumonia in Cows may be life […]

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